Armor Wars: Death Of Tony Stark Will Turn An Important Factor Teases Actor DonCheadle

War Machine’s new Disney+ Series, Armor Wars based on a Marvel Comics event of the same name to spotlight Iron Man who has seen killed in Avengers.

War Machines Armor Wars action version Don Cheadle’s who was replaced by Terrence Howard for Iron Man 2 comments  in his Instagram Post “The death of # TonyStark will be an important factor in the #ArmorWars@DisyneyPlus” 

Tony Stark the MCU’s ultimate hero who dies in Endgame was MCU movie’s record-breaking release. In the Avenger End game, Tony Stark was marked for death more than four years ago. From there, it was just a matter of how to do it. 

Almost everything else about the Avengers films Infinity War and Endgame changed over and over again.

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Superheroes beating up themselves in a mirror world. Hence the story had a definitive ending with Tony Stark’s death, Tony Stark initiated the MCU with Iron Man in 2008 Watching him learn how to be selfless, ending with his sacrifice the save the Universe= it was a beautiful thing to behold. It a heartbreaking, but beautiful and very much earned. 

Marvel's Avengers Live streaming
Marvel’s Avengers Live streaming

The Avengers Endgame Tony Stark/ Iron man dies in Endgame after he uses the infinity stones to snap. Thanos and his army into dust, Stark’s body is severely affected by Gamma burning his right side and he dies in the company of Pepper Potts, Peter Parker, and Rhodey, his death may be confirmed with a Funeral happening at the end of the movie with every Avenger attending. So apparently Tony Stark is dead. 

Hence Fans are anxious to see release schedules means in terms of inter-connectivity between the movies and Disney + shows. Looking ahead there will be more shows on the horizon as the MCU embraces a whole new chapter,

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