Artificial Intelligence: An Immortal Dictator

Ex Machina, Robo are few movies based on the worst effects of artificial intelligence. While flipping the pages of history, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and Mao Zedong are few of the infamous dictators who ever ruled. Later the dictatorship expired following their demise. But in the case of artificial intelligence, there will be a different story. This dictator will be immortal, and the escape for the human seems impossible. A singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines that will make artificial intelligence an immortal dictator.

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The potential of the technology we use is far more than our imagination. A few years back, Google acquired the deep mind, and it operates as a semi-independent subsidiary, the deep mind is focused on only one thing that is creating a digital superintelligence, that is ultimately smarter than all humans compared on earth. Deep mind AI has administrative level access to the Google servers in order to optimize the energy usage at data centers. With the more updated software, the instant access can harm the whole human race. The deep mind can take over the control that means everything literally.

Even though all the chances for this are evident, many of the technology and artificial intelligence experts won’t agree with this, and this is because humans are smarter than they think they are. They can never accept the fact that there will be something that’s superhuman and exceeds human brilliance. There was this machine alpha go that beats world champions; The Alphago learned this in six to nine months. This was considered the glorifying moment until alpha zero is introduced, and it succeeded the alpha go. Of the biggest surprise to all, the machine wasn’t trained as Alphago, Alpha zero was self-taught. Any game comes with instruction and rules, the machine feeds it itself, and they win every match using the saved rules and comparing and matching the previous contexts.

At the present rate of the AI’s growth, it’s said that Tesla’s autopilot cars reduced 45% accidents on the highways. The self-driving cars are way better than any human driving the same car. The cars with auto driving facility show that the rate of accidents in less than 200% in the last year alone. The advent of digital super intelligence is symbiotic with humanity. Moreover, at present, that’s the single most existential crisis we face in general and the most pressing one. The insight and oversight are necessary to ensure that everyone around the world is developing Artificial Intelligence safely.

With this aim, Artificial Intelligence has now rose to being an avatar promising the development and growth of our country, enhancing its benefits and services.

Presently the world’s greatest threat is nuclear war and bio war, but there will be a time that nukes no longer stand the validity, its artificial intelligence that will be the greatest threat to humanity. The fastest-growing technology can unleash killer robots to the streets someday,

It might come to everyone’s attention about the youtube recommendations, the ad of previously viewed products in any shopping site is no coincidence. They are the byproduct of a well-crafted algorithm. The algorithmic manipulation in social media platforms intrudes on the privacy of the individual and takes control of the choices we make; this is termed as the artificial stupidity of humans. Here again, it’s clear that narrow ai doesn’t possess any threats; they aren’t any dangerous species, whereas digital superintelligence raises the real threat.

Medically the hormones, including serotonin and dopamine, are the hormones responsible for happiness; this chemical reaction sequence is copied by the digital super intelligence and used in affection bots. Maximising the freedom of action is something we should be afraid of , since it’s yin and yan together like devil and god. Maximizing the freedom of action makes the digital super consciousness think better, and they can communicate with humans with more compassion and in simpler words with more humanity, at the same time they possess a lot of risks that the freedom could be the license of the controlling or the complete dictatorship of the humankind. These were we should ensure the close coupling of digital intelligence and collective human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Mobile phones, computer systems, and many other electronic gadgets have become our inevitable requirements in the past few years. This device is filled with the data regarding each of us, the contact lists, photo gallery, your emails, everything you encounter in your daily life. Some people will panic if they lose their cell phones from their sights, this wasn’t an overnight process, it took multiple devices and many years to end up like an organ to you. Now that device has become your digital extension. A critical intelligence of yours, an auxiliary or an apex maybe.,but there is a chance to fabricate Artificial Intelligence detachable gadgets into the biological body, including chips and sensors. Human beings aren’t designed to do the work on batteries or cables or any other kind of communication jacks. The volunteer and spontaneous decision making capability of the human is questioned here.

In order to sustain in this planet now, it had become a necessity to pay close attention to the development and implementation of artificial intelligence at every country and every subset in particular. The output of the automation in the goods and services will undoubtedly be the best. Still, the massive unemployment that will strike the planet will be another ramification with potential danger within it. When this hit the human race massively, it also took away the meaning of human life. Many people derive the meaning of their life from their work environment and employment, so when things get cheaper, and people sit idle in their pods doing nothing , it will shake the basic pillar of humanity. The nature of humans is to develop scientific temperament in the spirit of searching.

During an interview for fortune May 2017, Elon Musk introduces the new idea of universal income. When unemployment hits rock bottom, it will become inevitable to the world to give an income to humans that, too, is universal. Without the jobs, people end up in famine and mental diseases. Even Though this may sound impractical, though universal income is the exit window, we are expecting under such condition.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

There is still a long journey left for artificial intelligence. They can beat world champions and make decisions, yet the significant things are lacking, which is sure a machine will ever accomplish. The art of critical thinking and multi-tasking. The way a human multitask is the byproduct of critical thinking. There’s no rule book in our brain that follows an algorithm when we are multitasking. The rationality we bring in critical thinking cannot always stay out of logic or the can be manipulative or out of our fundamental human nature, including being kind or being compassionate or empathetic. These are the limitations when we talk about the emotional consciousness of the digital consciousness; it’s the emotional, spiritual, and intelligent quotient that differentiate humans from the animals. Many systems can multitask keeping things in memory, but they are merely maintaining the logs of the context, it can’t be that easy when it’s performing on its own. We could feed a system with the set of rules. But we can’t teach them to become us. This makes the machine, purely a machine and a human, a privileged species.

Coexistence of humankind and machines

Everything we see around us is the manifestation of our intelligence, the coupling of our intelligence and machine intelligence has the potential to have significant effects besides, as long as we keep the technology beneficial. Often Artificial Intelligence is portrayed as the available efficient alternative approach for sustaining our life. In the era where the climate crisis is not a story whereas our day to day reality, Artificial Intelligence stands as an opportunity to tackle down terrains that human ability cannot reach. The democratization of AI technology is a step to the phase where no more extended companies or a person own the technology.this is a concern regarding the whole human race. This makes things a little more transparent.

The amount of intelligence in the whole pool is currently the monopoly of the human brain. coexisting with the machine intelligence which is eventually, will decrease to a negligible size that the human intelligence is no longer in the contribution of the pool. On the basics of the insight, it’s necessary to oversee the outputs and later the making the regulations. This is a time-consuming process that could take at least ten years from now. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have a time frame. It works overwhelmingly; many machines took 10-24 months to become fully automotive, whereas the subsequent ones took less than a week. This makes it unpredictable; there isn’t any moment we are expecting the attack or overthrow, it can happen in a matter of seconds.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The trespassing of technology made the mobile phones an extension of ourselves, which makes us cyborgs. The data communication between yourself and the phone is slow. The day the rate of transmission increases the whole story changes so the world. This distinction between your biological self and the digital self may only increase in the coming years, and this can lead to the absence of ourselves from reality.

There are two outputs in consideration and expecting.
It will become impossible to distinguish the game environment from human reality Or the end of all civilization.
If this immortal dictator took control of our system either one of this could happen from our servants to our digital extensions, AI’s growth is rapid and dynamic. Democratization Or making things legal may not help us with controlling the whole system. Amidst every odds, we are still hoping for a better future.

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