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    Waymo and Volvo collaborate

    Waymo and Volvo has joined for a new project

    Waymo and Volvo have bounded with to develop an all-new driverless electric vehicle. The two companies announced Thursday an "exclusive" partnership to unite Waymo's...
    Waymo Self-driving cars

    Waymo as small project in Google to Leader of self-driving cars...

    Waymo founded 11 years ago as a small project inside Google, now widely considered the leader in developing self-driving technology, which expands its external...
    ford reveals to reopen

    Ford reveals to reopen plants, but when?

    Ford Motor Co on Thursday outlined the safety measures it will institute to restart its most profitable U.S. plants but did not specify when...
    2021 Ford Bronco

    2021 Ford Bronco offer three grille designs

    2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport to offer three grille designs "Modern," "Classic," and "Custom." The default option will be Modern. The Classic grille...
    Porsche Taycan 4S

    A new variant “Porsche Taycan 4S” now available with US Dealers

    Atlanta: Taycan Model marks an exciting new addition, as the new 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S joins its dealership with Taycan Turbo and Turbo S...
    American Automotives to Reopen

    May 4 settles to redefine American Automobiles

    The America Auto Industry, which had a colossal loss in the previous month, becomes all set to start its work in the market. The automakers...
    Refunding Auto Premiums

    Top Insurers Refund Portion of Auto Premiums Amidst COVID-19

    Now, when the traffic blocks are just a 'memory,' and with fewer people driving, major U.S. insurers are returning a part of the premium...
    BYD Releases it's Blade Model Batteries

    BYD Releases it’s Blade Model Batteries to surmount Safety and Range...

    SHENZHEN, China: BYD, a Chinese company manufacturing batteries for electric cars, launched blade-shaped conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries for better safety for EV. "In terms...
    Fisker Ocean

    Launching Soon an affordable electric SUV named ‘Fisker Ocean’

    American Company Fisker has disclosed the news of upcoming electric SUV will be named as 'Ocean' and it will be revealed in production-ready guise...