Clare Crawley BlewUp The Bachelorette, and Tayshia Adams is the Replacement

The show Bachelorette is getting more super dramatic with each episode, and today Zach J. was sent home by Chris Harrison instead of Clare. On their One-on-One spa date started well, things took a turn in the pool, and when Clare leaned in to kiss Zach and stopped, Zach grabbed Clare by the Waist to try and pull her back. The whole moment was so difficult to watch and sure it was more difficult for Clare, who later admitted that she felt triggered by his behavior.

Tayshia Adams to Replace Clare Crawley

The episode was so dramatic but was nowhere near dramatic as the next episode trailer. In the new trailer, Clare is seen apologizing to all the contestants for wasting their time and effort. It seems something has gone wrong and Chris Harrison is saying that Clare blew up the Bachelorette season. Later in the trailer, everyone is packing their bags to leave the show (it seems), and which is as told the Bachelorette season blew up.

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But to the surprise of everyone, at the end of the trailer, Tayshia Adams is seen coming out of the pool looking directly to the audience (to the camera), wearing a swimsuit. This is one damn proof that the next episode is gonna be so dramatic in the history of the Bachelorette. 

Tayshia Adams to Replace Clare Crawley
Tayshia Adams to Replace Clare Crawley

Tayshia Adams is one of the popular contestants from the 2019 season of The Bachelor. If it comes to the addition of another star, this season 16 will be the first-ever featuring two different stars.

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