“Bad news,” says Gov.Andrew Cuomo for New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo called “bad news” as New York on Saturday reported 299 new deaths related to the coronavirus, up 10 from the previous day.

Cuomo, in Saturday’s briefing, called the number “obnoxious and terrifyingly high.” Cuomo made it clear that New York, the center of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, with almost 19,000 dead would not immediately follow other states in reopening or easing restrictions on business, schools, or social life. The Democrat has said he’ll not begin opening until at least May 15 and even then will move in phases starting in areas less hard-hit by the virus.

Watch: What’s the Bad News Cuomo is speaking about

“I’ve said to law enforcement all across the state: enforce the mask executive order,” Cuomo told reporters on Saturday. “I said the state police would help you enforce it if you can’t enforce it. So I believe it should enforce, because it’s reckless, it’s irresponsible, and it’s not about your life, it’s about other people’s lives.”

In the wake of pandemic he had been busy in discussion about when to reopen schools in New York. However, the rapid increase in the cases have forced him to put a halt to this very decision.

Two days ago, he announced that the New York City subway would be closed between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. so that all cars could disinfect an undertaking he called “unprecedented.” I disagree with people who say ‘open the economy’ even though you know there’s a public health risk,” Cuomo said.

Gov.Andrew Cuomo
Gov.Andrew Cuomo

“I’m not going to put dollars signs over human lives.” Although Cuomo repeated his firm line on reopening and social distancing, he noted trends that continue to show that the outbreak in New York has receded significantly.

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