BANGBANGCON – Live on YouTube

BANGBANGCON special streaming event of BTS concerts and fan meeting DVDs via their official YouTube channel. This event is streaming now in YouTube channel BANGTANTV. BTS fans around the world show that distance is not a barrier when the music of their favorite idols is there to unite them.

While people around the globe have ordered to shelter in place to slow the spread of the corona virus pandemic, BTS has organized an exclusive online concert series called “Bang Bang Con.” The special online streaming event consisting of eight parts is available for free and will take place on April 18 and 19, each day beginning from midnight KST via the official YouTube channel BANGTANTV.

BTS, which recently became Twitter’s Top Music Act Amid Covid-19 Quarantine, is all set for its fireball performance on live via YouTube, leaving all the fans excited.

The transmission will be made simultaneously for all parts of the world, take into account the time that corresponds to your country. It will be a two-day schedule, but both will take place at the same time, review them carefully and plan your preparations so that you are ready. In the case of YouTube the dynamics are simple, you just have to enter the BANGTAN TV . The broadcast is enabled now.


By utilizing the Bluetooth function, the light sticks will automatically change color to the specific songs, just as they would during a live BTS concert. Jimin’s center dance part will forever be iconic—Taekook in their Red Jackets and all-black fits. When they perform BAEPSAE, the fans are over-excited. J-Hope did dance break in BAEPSAE so flawlessly. BAEPSAE title track never heard before, but it rocked. The choreography in the program achieved the expectation of their fans. Both Jimin’s and J-Hope were in a fire on dancing. The outfits give such wondering look for them. The show is now streaming live.

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