Barbara Corcoran’s interesting Tweet on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Snapshot at 15’ has caught the public eye!

Jimmy Fallon, the host of ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ is out there making wonders during the past few days! Of late, the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ had come up with an epic episode on ‘True Confessions by Dolly Parton’ which was well received by the audience.

Recently he has come up with something quiet fascinating. Dwayne Johnson, often acknowledged as the ‘Rock’ has lately posted a reel vs real rock in association with the release of his new comedy series ‘Young Rock,’ by juxtaposing his snapshots of his teen days juxtaposing it with the ‘reel rock’ images. Following this Fallon had made it to the point that the Rock shall ensure his presence in the next episode of his show.

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As a result he welcomed a segment with ‘rock’ in association with he made a Twitter post sharing both his as well as Dwayne’s photograph at the age of 15.

The Tweet received a huge public attention that it got retweeted umpteen number of times. But the most interesting one was something that was shared by Barbara Corcoran, the well-known American business magnate.

Who is more cute ‘at 15’? Fallon, Rock or Corcoran?

As a response to the post by Fallon, the renowned American business tycoon Barbara Corcoran came sharing an interesting Twitter post exhibiting one of those sweet old cherished memories of her at the age of 15! Holding a guitar, wearing an aqua blue t-shirt with a dazzling smile on her face, Corcoran looked stunningly cute and enthusiastic.

“Me at 15,” captioned Corcoran!

Barbara Corcoran's interesting Tweet on Jimmy Fallon's 'Snapshot at 15' has caught the public eye
Barbara Corcoran’s interesting Tweet on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Snapshot at 15’ has caught the public eye

Comparing the photographs of the three, Dwayne is more driven to his goal, expressing his defiance in high school days attempting to redefine his life which was rule bound and restricted. Fallon looks endearing in his sun kissed image wearing a white shirt and a red apron. Whereas Corcoran appeared charming and vivacious in the vintage photograph of her teen days.

All the three gems in one row! Indeed a unique tweet it was!

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