”Best Friend” video explained, Saweetie freed of accusation? How and Why?

Recently, Saweetie And Doja Cat Pump Each Other Up In The Uplifting ‘Best Friend’ Video, which had caused a humongous hullabaloo among the viewers. Following this came a novel accusation against the duo, raised by Ceraadi, claiming that the video released is eerily similar to that of a video they released earlier. Fans quickly joined the conversation, with some saying Saweetie stole the video concept for her latest song. In response to this allegation, Saweetie took to the floor with a sensible justification.

The song ‘Best Friend’ was the subject of some controversy even before its release, as the “Tap In” rapper called out her label last month for accidentally releasing it early. Then, Roc Nation duo Ceraadi accused Saweetie and Doja of plagiarizing the video’s concept based on previews the two shared online.

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Analysing the incident that triggered a verbal rivalry between Saweetie and Ceraadi, all of these began with an Instagram post shared by the latter.

Ceraadi on Instagram called out the My Type artist over the similarities in the video scenes. Ceraadi ‘s song is called ‘BFF.’ She shared screenshots of car scenes from their music video released in September with side by side shots of Saweetie’s new video with Doja Cat called ‘Best Friend’.

Saweetie responds to the accusations of plagiarism!

The post tagged both Doja Cat and Saweet with a series of IG emojis, including the peeping emoji. They also noted the lyrics of the songs. Ceraadi’s ‘BFF‘ includes the lines “when we ride, we be lit, lit/ She know she bad, yeah she thick, thick / She gon’ do the time if I click, click.”

Doja Cat and Saweet
Doja Cat and Saweet

Saweetie used the weapon of sarcasm to retaliate against the shower of social media accusations. After being publicly called out, Saweetie responded with a sarcastic clapback. “Omg we’ll totallyyyy add you in the credz! MY IDOLS,” she wrote in Ceraadi’s IG comments.

Saweetie’s fans were quick to defend her in the comments, while others pointed out that the “Best Friend” concept is not new and has been done prior to both Ceraadi and Saweetie.

This isn’t the first time Saweetie’s “Best Friend” has made headlines. Last month, she blasted her label Warner Bros. Records for prematurely releasing the song to streaming services. “I am extremely disappointed in my label WBR for prematurely releasing a single I was so excited about,” tweeted Saweetie. “I feel disrespected. I’m hands on with ALL of my creative & had such a dope rollout for ‘best friends’.”

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