Biden’s smart move against Trump’s ‘Transphobia’ : Shakina Nayfack to backup Democratic Party

“Connecting” fame Shakina Nayfack’ recent Instagram post seems to be be favourable for Democratic faction! In the wake of election campaigns the tweet by Democratic party leader Joe Biden becomes viral. His biting attack against Trump’s ‘Transphobia’ in connection with the plight of trans people recieved accolades.

Watch Biden attacking the ‘Racial Face’ of Trump

The tweet garnered a pull with the backup of Shakina Nayfack, the first trans woman to have taken part in sitcom series.

That’s it. That’s the tweet. Never before has a presidential candidate spoken up for trans women of color, and if you are doing anything but voting for #JoeBiden you are actively endangering the lives of trans people. #vote#bidenharris2020

Trump’s ‘Transphobia’ was questioned by Biden

The Instagram post by Shakina Nayfack is suggestive of the truth that Biden’s decision to stand up for the Trans community has bunleashed a glimmer of hope for her people. The post was inundated with positive responses.

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With this very tweet, Biden created history as the first presidential candidate who has spoken up for trans woman of color. “He has made use of his platform well”- says the well-wishers.

Joe Biden and Shakina Nayfack
Joe Biden and Shakina Nayfack

The tweet seems to be so pivotal in the history of the marginalized. Will he be the apostle of the trans community is yet another topic that might pop up further. 

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