Dwayne Johnson offers a sneak peak into his ‘Project Rock’ special ‘Breaking Barriers Collection’!

Dwayne Johnson has officially announced that his brand new collections from ‘Project Rock’ shall be made available from tomorrow! Project Rock, a special and innovative venture which got kicked off with an aim to foster a healthy, fitness technology at homes has now come up with its first drop of 2021, titled ‘Breaking the Barriers.’

Recently, Dwayne Johnson had came up with a funny reel rock vs real rock test concerning the TV series ‘Young Rock,’ which is based on his life. With this TV series which shall be released on February 16th, the Rock is getting ready to offer a glimpse into a slice of his life so far. It is at this moment that he has come up with yet another interesting and inventive project named ‘Breaking the Challenge’ collections from ‘Project Rock’. Want to know more about it? Dig deep!

Of late, Dwayne Johnson, often addressed by his fans as ‘The Rock’ has made the news official through his Instagram page, offering us with a sneak peek into all those pristine new fitness products. A big unboxing event!

‘Breaking Barriers Collections’ of Project rock shall be launched tomorrow!

Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe
Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe

“a BIG unboxing alert its 2021 and time to break barriers

I wanted our first @projectrock drop of 2021 to have/
a relentless AMBITION
and be BAD ASS!

2020 kicked our asses…
2021 we kick back.

Enjoy all our new products and AS ALWAYS, it’s my pleasure and privilege to create and deliver for all of you.
LINK IN BIO,” Posted the star.

The unboxed products included three pairs of bomb blasting surprises. The first one was a pair of PR3, a brand new colorway (also a pair of black & white shall be made available). The second one, a brand new, innovative model of shoes called the BSR, which stands for ‘Blood, Sweat, and Respect’.

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Being the first of its kind to be out on market, BS, which has a three-based and charge cushion technology is all set to make waves among the fitness world. With an aim to ensure quality and comfort, the third and most surprising product that is launched by the Rock is named as BSR Sliders! This new piece of sliders were born out of a year’s hard work, says the Rock. 

Dwayne Johnson Akka
Dwayne Johnson Akka

According to the post, has proposed a dream of ‘breaking the barriers’ to ward off the inequality and discrimination, which has flagged its wings all throughout the globe.

He has also aspired to inspire his fans to kick off 2021, with a boom of energy unlike 2020, which has bruised us with the trauma of COVID-19.

Let’s get started! Go, hurry up and get ready to ensure your personal product! Stay healthy, act wise!

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