Bill Murray Turning 70 On September 20

The legendary actor, who was recognized around the world along with millions of fan base turning 70 on September 20. Known for his deadpan delivery, he first rose to fame on Saturday Night Live, a series of performances that earned him his first Emmy Award.

Watch the Life Saving Mesaage from Bill Murray

Bill Murray later starred in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation which earned him a Golden Globe and a British Academy Film Award, as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Bill Murray also frequently collaborated with directors Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch. He received Golden Globe nominations for his roles in Ghostbusters, Rushmore  Murray received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2016.

Bill Murray Is Popular For His Deadpan Delivery          

Bill Murray Popular Quotes about life are,

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 “I live a little bit on the seat of my pants, I try to be alert and available. I try to be available for life to happen to me. We’re in this life, and if you’re not available, the sort of ordinary time goes past and you didn’t live it. But if you’re available, life gets huge. You’re really living it.”

 “You gotta commit. You’ve gotta go out there and improvise and you’ve gotta be completely unafraid to die. You’ve got to be able to take a chance to die. And you have to die lots. You have to die all the time.”

Bill Murray
Bill Murray

 “I think everyone becomes a jerk for about two years when they become famous. So I give people two years to figure it out and pull it together. But you end up behaving poorly because there’s just no training for it. There’s nothing your parents ever did, no matter what kind of people they are, because everything just gets different. The information coming to you comes differently, and people treat you differently, sort of, and everything changes for us. So it takes you a little while to figure it out.”

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