Boris Johnson, to set up a ‘comprehensive plan’ to restart the economy.

UK Prime Minister has given his word to set out a “comprehensive plan coming week” to recapitulate the economy.

Watch: Boris Johnson Statement on Recovering the Economy

He stated this would involve a “ menu of options” on “ how we can get our children back into school, back into childcare: and how we can travel to work and make life in the workplace safer…in short, how we can continue to suppress the disease and restart the economy.”

Johnson added: “We have so many reasons to be hopeful for the long-term. The UK is leading international efforts to find a vaccine.”

But also alerted against easing restrictions which could worsen the situation and cause a second peak lifting the virus reproduction in a doubling stage.

Boris Johnson, who was affected by the virus weeks before has now returned to work for his nation. During this come back, he strenuously strive hard to restore the economy and uplift the statistical data of his country.

Johnson said that another 674 people had died from coronavirus in the UK in the past 24 hours. But he said more than 81,000 tests were carried out over the past day, This is by far the highest daily number to date– and a vast increase in the country’s testing rates just a few days ago.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister also added the UK has faced “logistical problems” in getting personal protective equipment to frontline health workers, and “frustrations” in scaling up testing.

“We are throwing everything at it, heart and soul, right and day” to get it right, Johnson added.

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