Brad Pitt and Property Brothers go emotional in “Celebrity IOU”

Drew and Jonathan Scott popularly known as The Property Brothers kickstart their new HGTV series, Celebrity IOU featuring Brad Pitt as their first guest.

It is a show where celebrities express their affection and gratitude towards their unsung heroes with a home makeover surprisingly. The first episode featured the Academy Award winner Brad Pitt who remodeled the guest house of his makeup artist Jean Black.

Watch: An Emotional Brad Pitt with Property Brothers

Black has been with Pitt for 30 years and worked nearly 40 films. Brad says Jean has been a sister to him. Their first movie together was Cool World, and since then, Black and Pitt have been together. He remembers when Balck had to apply foundation on his butt to out his tan lines on the sets of ‘Legends of the Fall’.

Pitt had lots of ideas of how to renovate and joined hands with the Scott Brothers to create a 400 square foot living space and a storage space for makeup kits. Brad puts on his goggles and tears some walls and helps out in the makeover. He says “If I’m not building, I am dying”.

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In the end, it turns out to be sweet and emotional. We get to know the affection they have towards each other and gets evident that Brad would do anything for her. The episode keeps us smiling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The season’s celebrity lineup includes Melissa McCarthy, Viola Davis, Rebel Wilson and Michael Buble. In each episode, the celebrities have a look inside their lives and create a space for their loved ones joining hands with the Scott Brothers.

Pitt and scott brothers
Brad PItt join hands with Scott Brothers

The viewers can have their eyes on the full Celebrity IOU episodes on HGTV beginning on April 13 with Brad Pitt’s episode at 9 p.m. 

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