‘Bridgerton’ Fashion Specials: 5 Beauty Tips from Daphne Bridgerton!

Bridgerton, a popular Netflix series released on 25th December 2020 became widely accepted and watched web series within hours of its release. With a panorama of Victorian beauty pageants and fashion techniques it conquered the hearts of young ladies out there. ‘Bridgerton season1‘, is the only figment released so far and if it had the potential to make the ladies go gaga over the fashion styles depicted via the series, one could imagine how unique it would have been in propagating its Victorian fancies. Be it the Bridgertons, Miss Thompson or Featheringtons, or even the Queen for that has wooed the lady audience with their fashion fiesta.

Taking the case of Daphne Bridgerton alone could give us a glimpse of how the eponymous beauty techniques were met with which helped her to find her perfect man, the Duke of Hastings. Well, here are some beauty tips directly from the titular lady, Daphne Bridgerton. Hope these would be useful!

1. DIY for a natural Rosy Glow

abigail barlow and her partner emily bear composing bridgerton musical
abigail barlow and her partner emily bear composing bridgerton musical

Desired by many during the ball, there was something distinguished about Daphne’s cheeks. Well, here’s a DIY tip from her to achieve her rosy glow.

The Bridgerton maids were always glad to pass around their family recipes for rouge. Taking a sneak peek to the homemade recipes to cop the rosy glow that the women of the era championed—from creamy blushers made from saffron and beeswax to lip salves concocted from honey and rose oil, indeed a useful and natural tip for young ladies.

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2. Feather and Hair embellishments

Eloise brushing through the feathers for hair embellishment is one unforgettable sequence in the series. Feathers are considered as something inexorable for Victorian women when it comes to hairstyles.

abigail barlow and emily bear

When hoping to catch the eye of potential suitors on the promenade, lustrous embellishments are always a welcome companion. Consider Daphne, who often chose to slide an extra barrette in when spending the evening on the duke’s arm. However, her younger sister Eloise is always a constant rebel against pin-ups by wearing hers left loose around the shoulders, but she usually anchored her mane in place with her signature three-tiered hairbands. On the other hand the Featherington women have a penchant for maximalism which is best reflected in their heavily-tonged hairdos, particularly Penelope Featherington.

3. Tonged Hairstyles are always advisable

bridgerton musical by abigail barlow and emily bear
bridgerton musical by abigail barlow and emily bear

Almost all the women folk including Lady Bridgerton from the Bridgeton family follow this pattern of hairstyles. When others prefer curling tongs, Daphne always goes for tonged hairstyle. This might be yet another reason that she got the golden opportunity to grab the attentions of the roguish duke. Also, the women of the ton managed just fine with a wide array of homegrown techniques from the time that ranged from heated irons to paper curls. Expect heavily tonged updos for social balls, and side-swept structured spirals when expecting gentlemen came calling home the morning after.

4. Brushed Brows can make a difference

Don't Watch these scenes in Bridgerton with your parents', warns Netflix
Don’t Watch these scenes in Bridgerton with your parents’, warns Netflix

Eyebrows are always an unavoidable part for women when it comes to fashion. When you are at a salon stepping out of it without doing your eyebrows is unimaginable. Here’s what Daphne has to say about the beautification of your eyebrows. The young Bridgerton recommends opting for a handy middle ground with the textured set of brows she sported through the social season. Full, fluffy and filled in, the debutante-turned-duchess wore hers brushed upwards and fanned out to add dimension to her diminutive facial structure.

5. Ballgowns shall make you pretty

If you have completed watching the series ‘Bridgerton’ you might have taken note of what makes Daphne unique among other ladies of her age. Its her ballgown! While every others are busy with ‘extra settings’ and ‘additional fittings’ over their body Daphne is least bothered about it. Instead she finds solace in her Ballgowns which makes her look stunningly gorgeous that she caught the attention of almost all the men around her, especially the Prince and the Duke.

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