‘Bridgerton’ S** Guide: ‘Don’t Watch these scenes with your parents’, warns Netflix!

Finally, Netflix has opted to provide some safety measures to ‘avoid Bridgerton embarrassment’! Bridgerton, the kinky period drama series, based on the adaptation of the novel by Julia Quinn has been celebrated as one of the most popularly watched series within one month of its release. Getting itself enrolled atop the list of widely watched web series, Bridgerton’s contribution to Netflix hitting million subscribers is worth mentioning.

The juicy romance between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings has been born out of a rebellious, scandalous relationship that had captured the attention of the viewers, right from its inception. All those who have already watched the series might be well aware about the titillating, hot sequences of both Daphne and the Duke as well as the slanderous love making scenes of Anthony Bridgerton and his lover Sienna. But the stigma associated with watching these kinky erotic sequences always deter one from watching the series with your near and dear ones, especially your parents.It is in this context that Netflix has come to our rescue.

The viewers had been grappling with the question when and what is to be expected from ‘Bridgerton Season 2’ for a while.

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Netflix has released a user manual for all the ‘Bridgerton’ audience!

Recently, Netflix has confirmed the release of ‘Bridgerton Season 2,’ causing an ecstatic chill in the fans all over the world. Also, the news that ‘Bridgerton Season 2’ shall focus on the life of ‘Anthony Bridgerton’ has caused the fans restless to know whether he will unite with his love of life.

Now they have come up with yet another interesting and useful manual for all those who are planning to watch ‘Bridgerton.’ The most recent post shared by Netflix via their official Instagram page literally enlisted the ‘s** moments’ within the series, with a particular reference to the exact timing so as to avoid and help the viewers from getting caught up within the net of embarrassment.

Netflix's user manual for 'Bridgerton' audience
Netflix’s user manual for ‘Bridgerton’ audience

“for those who have finally decided to watch bridgerton,” says the post.

This was also accompanied by a the list of all those s** sequences in each and every episode, satisfying the voyeuristic pleasure of the viewer. Except episode two, which was captioned ‘nothing to worry about,’ all the other ones seem to be watched with great caution. Right from the beginning, the lovable intimate scenes between Anthony and Sienna and ultimately the love’s consummation between the Duke and Daphne was neatly recorded in the list. A creative measure indeed.

Now that you are sheltered and have been bestowed with a safe user manual, don’t waste time. Grab your PCs or Mobile devices, get yourself rolling with ‘Bridgerton’.

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