Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Merchandise and Entertainment-Based Licensing Concept Booming in India

Merchandise and Entertainment-Based Licensing Concept Booming in India

The concept of entertainment-based permits and licensing is fast gaining acceptability in India. Many global labels are preparing to cater to this highly diversified...



noble skiodo tv

The incredible 40-inches Noble Skiodo TV launched in India

The Noble Skiodo announce the launch of its latest 40inches DLED TV. The TV is too perfect for complete home entertainment. It has some...

Featuring an UTG display in new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is thinner than...

Samsung was one of the initial smartphone manufacturers to release a foldable device in the market. Though the galaxy Fold was not actually a success,...
Harmony OS

Everything About Harmony OS – Competitor to Android?

Huawei launched Harmony OS at their Developer Conference on August 9, 2019.OS is faster and safer than Android as per the Huawei Consumer Business...

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Will have QualComm Snap Dragon 865 and 108 MP Camera?

Latest Tech News Reports disclosed that Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11+ may have Qual Comm Snap Dragon 865 and 108 MP Sensors. On the Account of...
Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei may release their flagship P40 Pro in early 2020

In the upcoming year of 2020 Huawei is all set to launch its new smart revolution of p40 and p40 pro as a successor...