California To Reach 525 Deaths Every Day With 1 Million of Vaccine Doses Been Administered

More Californians than ever are dying from the coronavirus- a mass shrink of population, 525 every day- and with the number expected to climb state officials said  Friday they are sending more refrigerated trailers to act as a temporary measure for mortuaries for the death prone country coroner’s office. 

There are now 98 trailers to help county coroners store bodies “with respect and dignity.” Office of Emergency Service Director Mark Ghilarducci said. In Los Angeles County, where one person dies after every 6 minutes, as been facilitated with temporary storage facilities set up parking lot adjacent to the coroner’s office. 

The Office of Emergency Services is using the hospitalization data to analyze the death rate in the coming weeks. The state analyzes multiple models to try to predict hospitalizations and deaths.

The surge in the number of virus cases is because of the holiday season when many people ignored pleas to stay home and not to gather with friends and extended family get-togethers.  On, about 12% of those who are infected with the virus are hospitalized, so if there’s a hike further would overwhelm hospitals, which could raise the death rate. 

Ghilarducci said the state has activated its “mass fatality management plan” to try to avoid large backups in morgues. 

“ It is important to know that there is a plan, it is underway, and it is active today,” Ghilrducci said. “ We will continue to work at that which each of 58 countries to ensure that all of these folks are taken care of in the most respectful manner.”

The grim situation of California was been discussed in an upbeat news conference held on Friday by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Gov. Gavin Newsom at Dodger Stadium which is being converted into a vaccination center accommodating 12,000 doses to administer. 

The state has received more than 3.5 million doses of the vaccine and has administered just over 1 million doses. Newsom said the state was on a pace to exceed his goal of giving out roughly 1.5 million doses by Friday. 

Newsome confronts the virus by encouraging trends: Hospitalizations, intensive care unit admissions, and positivity rates- the percentage of positive tested have also declined over the past seven days. 

The lessen rate of positivity made the Newsom administration earlier this week to lift up the stay-at-home order for 13-county in the Sacramento region, which includes the state capital city and Lake Tahoe, a popular winter tourist destination. The move also allows the salons and other businesses to reopen and for restaurants to resume.

California Coronavirus Hike

California- The nation’s most populous state with nearly 40 million residents- had detected more than 41,000 new coronavirus cases each day for the past two weeks. With the second-highest number of deaths in the country, the state ranks 39th in the number of death capita at 81.8. 

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