Can the 2020 US Presidential election determine the fortune of America?

The 2020 US Presidential Election is scheduled on November 3 that will be the 59th quadrennial Presidential election. As no one is aware of how long the coronavirus would last, there exists confusion about the next presidential election.

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DRE voting machines and optical cast voting machines were generally used for voting, but polling places are prone to the chance of infection even if the death toll falls in November. The citizens have no role in electing their president directly as ”electors” choose the president as well as vice president through ”Electoral College.”

The majority has an opinion that this election is central to the future of the US. But the truth is, the newly elected government has a restricted role in economic growth as the upcoming years will be dominated by the effects of the pandemic. Health, Education, Income, Food are the crucial factors to be considered, and these will be monitored by the finance sector entirely.

This is not the time to argue with the topic who will win the US Presidential Election; instead, the nation has to focus on the possibilities to reduce the ramifications caused by a coronavirus. Trump, in the midst of uncountable deaths, also concluded that the vaccine will be found within the end of the year. The election is contested between Donald Trump and Joseph Biden, being Republic and Democrat, respectively. Federal law stipulates that if the vote is delayed, or the electoral college does not elect on the fixed date, the current President and Vice president terms will automatically expire on January 20, 2021.

Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden

It is anticipated to have a tremendous constitutional crisis if the election is delayed. ”VoteAmerica” an upcoming initiation to help electors vote from their place through mail. “It seems at this point that Americans are either going to be unable or unwilling to vote in person in the November election, which could lead to catastrophically low turnout,” Debra Cleaver, founder of VoteAmerica said in an interview with TechCrunch. “But if we have our way, there will be no perceivable dip in turnout in November.”

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