Cannes Film Festival 2020 will not take place in its ‘original form’

The change of plans is still happening as the Cannes Film Festival in 2020 will not occur in its original form. The festival which was projected to shift from May to June will not happen even then and are hoping to stage this event at some point in the year.

Cannes Film Festival 2020 is Postponed: Watch Why

After the lockdown extension in France, the organizers commented that its original form is no longer an option as the situations are getting worse. Cannes President Pierre Lescure was clearly optimistic about the event when it was first postponed in March due to coronavirus pandemic.

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“It is clearly difficult to assume that the Festival de Cannes could be held this year in its original form. Many uncertainties are still reigning over the international health situation. We hope to be able to communicate promptly regarding the shapes that this Cannes 2020 will take.”

The festival hopes to run at some point in the year, not letting anyone down. The authorities hypothesize to explore all possibilities to make the festival a real one.

Cannes film festival
Cannes film festival

The 73rd International Cannes Film Festival was first scheduled from May 12 – 23, which was extended to combat the pandemic as The French President, Emmanuel Macron responded with a national lockdown till May 11 and announced no festivals to happen till July and now the festival reality remains a crisis.

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