Cardi B go wild after dropping a incredible video in instagram How “WAP” can save a life

Cardi B” took to Instagram to share a video of herself with her ‘WAP’ “Get a Bucket and a MOP a Gay remake of her and Mega thee stallion’s Raunch Anthem.

Watch: ”Wap” by Cardi B

The 27 year old rapper took to instagram to share a video captioned “swipe to see how WAP can save a life”  The first bass beat that maybe had you dancing in your kitchen with a wet bucket and a mop.

LA-based dancer, choreographer “Nicole Kirkland” along with Mac Daddy ( Angel Merino)  beauty influencer unveiled a queer version of Iamcardi B and Megan Thee Stallions raunch anthem “WAP’ this week.

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Previously the “Billboard” rapper had taken to Instagram showed off her perfect form by twirling in the middle of a dance circle and suddenly dropping to the ground and doing the splits in the limelight- in hot red shorts and a cropped hoodie.

Cardi B dance forms

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