Cardi B released a video Snippet on her new Single ‘UP’!

Cardi B, the queen of music has been recently celebrated as the seductress of tones is getting ready to enchant us through her brand new music video titled ‘UP’. Recently, the singer had made a pre-order option available for ‘UP’ through her website, which saw a huge crowd literally milling around her social media post.

Of late, the singer has posted a small snippet from her upcoming album ‘UP’ in her Instagram page, which received a gratifyingly positive response from her fans.

Cardi B’s Up to be released within hours!

“A lil snippet…..

Up music video tonight,” posted Cardi B.

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She appears like an enchanting queen of the glob, clad in a black skin fit ensemble. With her pointed red heel, she is literally standing upon a man it seems, which aroused a lot of question and suspicion in her fans. Also, the ear-piercing,

With more surmises, questions and theories, everybody is eagerly rooting for Cardi B. Stay Tuned!

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