Cardi B Shared some ‘INTIMATE IMAGES’ with her husband Offset on ‘Valentine’s Day’

Cardi B, who was recently a celebrated figure all throughout the media, primarily due to the release of her new single ‘UP,’ has now come up with some spicy ‘Valentine’s Day’ special with her husband Offset! After filing for a divorce months ago, the singer recently announced her reunion with her husband Offset, who was of immense support in making her dream about ‘UP’ come true.

As a part of ‘Valentine’s Day,’ a day for the lovers around the globe, Cardi B and her husband Offset shared some beautiful, romantic images that they captured during their beacation!

Cardi B thanked her husband for the Valentine’s Day special trip!

The post was filled with a series of romantic images of the duo enjoying their quality time together at some undisclosed location over the weekend to celebrate the romantic holiday.

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Clad in a pale green outfit, Cardi B looks sexy and beautiful as always. Offset, wearing a black boxers exhibiting his muscular, steady physique appeared handsome and manly beyond measures. The sun-kissed images of the duo walking along the beach and spending a lovey-dovey time together was alsofollowed by a detailed thanks giving note where Cardi B expressed her wholehearted gratitude to Offset for being the man that he is

Offset and Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B

“I want you to wake up seeing this .Thank you baby for this amazing trip.You’re right , sometimes I gotta slow down and live a little. I have such a New York mentality I’m always thinking about the work and chasing that money but when you think fast you’re mind might crash .Being a artist comes with more then just music and videos it comes with a business .Thank you for setting me up for the right path for me not to fuck up ever again.I love you @offsetyrn,” posted the singer.

A passionate Valentine trip indeed!

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