‘Carrie Underwood’ announced the release date of her Christmas album ‘My Gift’

Carrie Underwood has made a blissful announcement despite the Pandemic situation. Carrie Underwood has minded Christmas from September thus releasing her Christmas album ‘My Gift’ in September.

Carrie Underwood Album: Watch the official trailer here

Carrie Underwood is releasing her long-awaited collection of long songs, ‘My Gift,’ the album on September 25. She has posted her opinion as follows as everyone stuck in a Pandemic situation. “This year, it was just kind of on my heart to do this Christmas album. I just felt like this was such a fitting time, kind of feel like it’s a perfect time than ever to record an album like this”.

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In an earlier interview, Carrie said she had involved in trying to make a Christmas album for a long time. Now, Carrie designated that She had decided on the project last year and that this was the right time to release it. Carrie now released trailer of ‘My Gift’.

Carrie loves Singing and gift


“I knew this would be my next music project after wrapping my tour last year, and I think it’s turned out to be the perfect time for an album like this, in this period of such personal and spiritual reflection. For me, it’s more important than ever to converge on the true meaning of Christmas in a project like this.

Even though it has been a tough year for all of us, sometimes I feel like the greatest consummations can be inspired by the most difficult times, and make us more grateful for the things we do have and for what truly matters.” She addressed in a Press meet.

'Carrie Underwood' album 'My Gift'
‘Carrie Underwood’ album ‘My Gift’

Carrie claims that she loves music and loves singing. “That is my gift that I have that I get to do, and I want to use that gift, and I want to give it back to Jesus.” Carrie never forgets to give back the gift that she received.

Carrie never forgets to unwrap the album cover as well. The Poster outlined to look like Carrie standing alone in the snowy forest wearing a long red gown.

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