Is Carrot the cute deer alive after 1 big arrow pierced through it’s head ?

The incident took place in Kenora, Ontario in Canada and most of us might have seen the video and images which went viral after it was posted on Facebook by a photographer Lee-Anne Carver whose own deer Carrot was struck with a crossbow arrow in its head which had pierced its head and come out of the area just below his eye. The image for sure is unforeseen, captivating, and frightening all together in a single piece. Well for obvious reasons the viral image was shared on social media.

The image as can be seen shows a cute deer but with that horrific stuff on its head and the way it has come out gives us chills and makes us think how it can stand tall and plain. No reaction at all. Yes, Ms. Lee has confirmed that the deer is very much alive and absolutely acts as if nothing has happened to him. It seems, fortunately, the arrow missed all the vitals and his skull had protected him. She posted a video as well showing the deer walking around with the arrow crammed in its skull.

When the arrow punctured the carrot’s head

This deer named Carrot had become Lee-Anne’s friend three years ago. And he was the family’s own. But what happened with him over a week ago was startling to see and the owner was not prepared for it. Lee said, on her Facebook post, “Today, Carrot came to my house with an arrow through his head. It was disturbing and crushing for me, my husband too came in the house crying to tell me,”

But to both their surprise, Carrot was behaving normally and it licked Lee-Anne’s hands as it always did and showed nothing abnormal. It was standing there as if nothing had hit its body parts. There was no blood even. How amazing is that now? Lee also mentioned in her Facebook post that her deer was thriving and not to conduct any rallies in his name and he is absolutely fine.

What actually happened was Carrot was shot with a target arrow made out of Carbon in a residential area and this seems to have nothing to do with hunting. Government officials visited the photographer’s house to help the deer and by chance, the wild deer was present there. The officials carefully cut the upper protruding part of the arrow and the rest of the arrow is left as it is. According to the officials it’s supposed to slide out on its own as the deer’s body heals itself. Lee-Anne also mentioned the current status of the deer which said,” I went looking for Carrot in the evening and I found him ‘chilling’ with his deer friend.

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