Celebs they’re to challenge the Met Gala virtually

The Met Gala, the first Monday in May, is the day when Met Gala takes place but was postponed this year due to the pandemic. However, this year’s most prominent name in fashion and entertainment be held with the “About time Fashion and Duration” theme. But the matter didn’t stop some stars paying homage to it.

Watch: When Met Gala 2020 became Virtual!

Hence the fifth avenue museum is closed Amid the pandemic, the celebs still celebrate the Met Gala virtually a live stream in social media. Stars shared their favorite look from past galas in social media through live videos and Instagram posts.

Met Gala Challenge On Social Media

Julia Roberts posted her photo adorned in a gown, captioned, “ Here’s me ..not going to the Met Ball tonight. # stay home/ #yesyoustillhavetostayhome.”

Priyanka Jones posted a picture wearing a tiara and done the makeup by cute girly. Captioned- “ First Monday in May. This year’s theme: Pretty Pretty Princess,”

Katty Berry wore the pink cone bra to the sculpted top designed by Jean Paul Gaultier with captioned “ what would have been”

Lady gaga, who recently released her Met Gala entry in 2019, perked up iconic gaga’s look at home, a take on of huge hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown to fishnets and a bra, honoring the event through Instagram .

Several celebrities were the center of attraction at the Gala event. All posted their throwbacks to some of the Met Gala red carpets looks virtually.by posting on Instagram and also gone digital via Youtube live-streamed title “A moment with met” hosted by Vogue magazine. The biggest fundraising event of New York city

Who all participated in the Met Gala

Anna Wintour Vogues’s editor-in-chief and Conde Nast Artistic and director addressed the virtual Gala event from her drawing-room followed by a musical performance by Florence Welsh. Machine and DJ set by Off White, The exhibition which will be open to the public in October will include 120 looks dating back to 1870.

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