Charlize Theron Nominated for People’s Choice Awards

Academy Award and A Golden Globe Winner Charlize Theron is on the way to collect more awards. Her movie ‘The Old Guard’ is getting nominated “The Movie of 2020” and “The Action Movie of 2020”.

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Netflix’s Old Guard star Charlize Theron is nominated for “The Female Movie Star” and “The Action Movie Star” in People’s Choice Award. Charlize is nominated for her role as Andy/ Andromache of Scythia in “The Old Guard”. 

Charlize Theron as Andromache of Scythia in “The Old Guard”

After the coming of 2020 People’s Choice Award Nominee list, Charlize posted about four nominations, two individual and two movie nominations, and wrote on Twitter “Still reeling from the fact that we got 4 @peopleschoice award noms!!! Thank you to…the people! It makes me so happy that Old Guard Movie resonated with so many of you around the world, and I am honored to be in such epic company (I’m coming for you, Chris Hemsworth).”]

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She mentioned Chris Hemsworth who is another nominee in the same category as she is (The Action Movie Star). And she wrote “I am coming for you” tagging Chris Hemsworth. Many fans commented on her post telling of their vote for her nominations.

Charlize Theron Nominated for People’s Choice Awards
Charlize Theron Nominated for People’s Choice Awards

“This is phenomenal. Glad that The Old Guard and @CharlizeAfrica received the appropriate recognition. I stopped counting how many times I watched the movie. You are an absolute hero in the reel and real life. Will make me happiest to watch you / movie receive the awards.” one of her fans commented.

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