Check how Chris Evans look like during his High School

Captain America star Chris Evans posted a throwback image of himself. The 39-year-old handsome actor shared an Adorable image of himself from his High school period.

Watch the Evolution of Chris Evans form Childhood

The actor took to Instagram the image in which he looks handsome with a cap having a sports tape on it and a beaded necklace over the outfit he wore. It’s a closeup image.

Image of Chris during his High school
Image of Chris during his High school

The actor shared the image captioning it as “Wow. High school starter kit complete with beaded necklace and hat with sports tape”. Chris poses for the image with a cute smile along with winking his right eyes. Douglas Booth commented on Chris’s post “I don’t see a change Chris”.

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Recently Chris had made a Twitter post shouting out his anger about the incident in which Rick Moranis was randomly attacked by a stranger at Newyork. The Marvel star took to his Twitter handle to express his frustration. He tweeted that his blood is boiling after the attack on Moranis.

Chris's Tweet
Chris’s Tweet

He urged to find the attacker. Evans also hinted that nobody touches Rick Moranis in that manner. Chris wrote at twitter “My blood is boiling. Find this man. You don’t touch Rick Moranis”.

The throwback image of Chris seems impressed the fans as the image is receiving huge round of applause from fans and public.

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