Check how Kylie Jenner posses in her new Bikini images at Instagram

American media personality and model, Kylie Jenner is always good at drawing audience attention on social media. The star had today come up with an adorable pic of herself in Bikini.

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The Kylie Cosmetics CEO took to Instagram posing herself in a couch by sitting on her legs folding it back, keeping her hands on thighs and letting her hair fall through the left shoulder, wearing a watch. The Model wears a colourful Bikini. Kylie captioned the post as “7th day of fall 👙”.

Kylie Jenner possing in Bikini
Kylie Jenner possing in Bikini

Very recently Kylie Jenner was found visiting a popular West Hollywood spot on Sunday as Kylie took a break from quarantining at home. The 23-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was seen exiting the sports bar and restaurant 40 Love in the evening. Instead of her usual glamorous looks, she kept her outfit low key and comfortable with a dark oversize T-shirt.

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Earlier she asked her older sister Kim to delete an image she posted at Instagram Kylie was looking at her best in the photo, but she wasn’t happy about a throwback photo.

‘delete this immediately,’ she commented on the photo. 


‘@kyliejenner should I Diddy crop you out?’ replied Kim, jokingly referencing a 2017 incident in which “Diddy” Combs cropped out Kendall and Kylie out of a picture.

Kylie responded to Kim with ‘absolutely.’

As usual the latest Bikini image of Kylie is having numerous reactions crossing 4million reactions and 25k comments.

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