Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Is The Final Season A Hint To The Upcoming Incidents In The World From The Sacred Books??

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Released Last And Final Part On Netflix

A million fans around the world now come up with the new fan theory that the eldritch terrors mentioned in the last season of the American tv show chilling adventures of Sabrina are a hint to the upcoming incidents that might take place in the world in near future.

On the contrary to the recent events including the covid 19 pandemics, the world is expecting more pandemics and even an alien invasion. Studies show that a meteorite is aiming earth will soon entering the earth atmosphere by the end of the new decade. 

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The lat season of the teen witch series is filled with the terrors that attacked the native of the heroine Sabrina Spellman,  The Greendale. The city was previously attacked by the pagans in part 4. Now the villain and the former high priest of the black church and the principal of the academy of dark arts and witchcraft father Faustus blackwood unleashed the eldrich terrors into the world in order to conquer the world. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

A recent article published in the public group in Reddit the matter was a heated debate within the fan base. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is concluded with part 5. The show is now streaming on Netflix. 

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