China building World’s largest Soccer Stadium amid of Corona Virus

China is building World’s largest soccer stadium. China’s football team Guangzhou Evergrande is building a 100,000 capacity stadium and construction amid of Corona Virus. In the midst of this developmental activities, one should not fail to forget the villainy of the corona virus. One of the most recent reports states that Chinese cities found Coronavirus in frozen food imports and with such a stunning discovery, the construction and necessity of building a stadium has to be examined in detail.

Guangzhou Evergrande’s players and officials attended the groundbreaking ceremony at the stadium on Thursday. The stadium, shaped like a lotus flower, will become the World’s most significant in football, beating Barcelona’s Camp Nou, which has 99,354 seats. The Guangzhou stadium is designed by Shanghai-based American designer Hasan Syed following an initial concept from the Evergrande Group chairman Xu Jiayin. Guangzhou is known as the “Flower City” and the design is inspired by that.

Watch: The Glimpse of New Chinese Soccer Stadium is Marvelous!

Guangzhou Evergrande announced that work has begun on an eye-catching, 100,000-seater stadium, which would be the largest football stadium in the World. Cost $1.7 billion (12 billion yuan) and to be completed by the end of 2022. Work began last Thursday. Intending to become “a world-class new landmark comparable to the Sydney Opera House and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and an important symbol of Chinese football going to the world,” according to the president of real estate conglomerate Evergrande, Xia Haijun.

The stadium includes 16 VVIP private rooms, 152 VIP private rooms, a FIFA area, and athlete area, a media area, and a press room. According to ESPN, Xia told reporters that Evergrande plans to construct between three and five more stadiums with capacities of 80,000 to 100,000 around China to address the lack of facilities that could host a World Cup someday. Guangzhou Evergrande is one of the most successful teams in China and Asia.

China's Position is not credible
China’s Position is not credible

The club has won the Chinese Super League eight times, as well as two Asian Champions Leagues the only Chinese club to win it twice. The 2020 CSL season had been scheduled to start on February 22 but postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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