China hit back Angrily against the US

China hit back angrily against the US today, with Beijing saying the WHO had been updated in a “timely” manner and called accusations the Chinese government wasn’t transparent “unfair.” There has been increasing tension between the US and China after President Trump and the Beijing administration took part in an escalating trade war, with tit for tat imposition of tariffs on one another’s goods.

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The USA is now at the epicenter of the pandemic, with 592,743 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 25,239 corona virus-related deaths. However, Trump insisted that “thousands and thousands of people would have died” if it was not for his decision to suspend travel from China.

The United States is the most significant overall donor to the WHO, contributing more than $ 400m in 2019, roughly 15 percent of its budget. World leaders and experts have also reacted to the decision by Donald Trump. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters that the corona virus pandemic was at a critical stage, and the US decision would “affect all countries around the world.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he sympathized with Trump’s criticisms of the WHO, and he continued, “We are not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater here, but they are also not immune from criticism and immune from doing things better.”

Trump and Scott Morison
Trump and Scott Morison

” The American Medical Association called the decision “a dangerous step in the wrong direction that will not make defeating COVID-19 easier.”

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