Chris Stapleton released his new song ‘Arkansas’!

Chris Stapleton has come up with his new song titled ‘Arkansas’ which is deemed as his latest music from his album ‘Starting Over’. The album which is scheduled to be released on November 13th gave a glimpse of what it is ought to be through the song’Arkansas’.

The song is all about his road trip with his wife Morgan’s on his birthday from Oklahoma City to his home in Nashville- remarked the artist. “We drove like a bat out of Hel through the Ozark Mountains”- stated the reports from KATV. Hence the entire piece of art can be counted as a tribute to his journey through the Natural State.

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‘Arkansas’ included Campbell on guitar as well as the fellow Heartbreakers member Benmont Tench on Piano which makes it a complete masterpiece altogether. Also the references to the Natural State, Little Rock, Fayetteville,West Memphis, the White River and the Ozark Mountains is worth mentioning.

‘Arkansas’ by Chris Stapleton amassed huge recogntion!

The song ‘Arkansas’ seems to be his third song from the album ‘Starting Over’ which followed the title track and “Cold”.

Chris Stapleton born on April 15th 1978 is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. Credited as a country song artist he is popular for his artistry including’Tennesse Whiskey’, ‘Broken Halos’ ‘I Was Wrong’ etc. His latest album ‘Starting Over’ has received a huge applause from his fans.

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