Christina drops two songs from Disney’s Mulan ahead of Film release

Christina Maria Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Christina recently dropped two soulful songs from Disney+’s Mulan soundtrack on YouTube. 

Watch: Christina’s Song from Mulan

The Grammy Award-winning singer Christina rendition of her iconic 1998’s Disney song “Reflection” released ahead of Mulan’s release on Disney+. Back in the day, the soulful melody was sung by Christina herself for the animated Disney film Mulan. Now, as the makers came up with a live-action version of the animated film, the singer also dropped an all-new version of her chartbuster song.

A few days ago she dropped the music video of Reflection from Mulan on YouTube, which has been receiving a lot of praise from the public. In 1998, when the original Mulan had released, Christina had dropped a song titled ‘Reflection’ for the film, which went on to become extremely popular during those days. Now, as the release of Mulan’s live-action adaptation is just around the corner, the 39-year-old artist has revisited her soulful track for the film after 22 years.


Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Along with “Reflection”, the five-time Grammy Award-winning singer also dropped yet another song from Mulan’s soundtrack titled Loyal Brave True. This song also has received good response from the public.

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