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    Christmas 2020: Don’t forget to watch these 6 Hallmark Christmas Movies!

    Yuletide season is at our doorsteps! But this time the celebrations are toned down. The pandemic situations has made our lives a risky enterprise bound with epidemic protocols and restrictions. This time there shall be no merriment in public but all of us are asked to limit our season jubilation within the four walls of our own homes or residents. But ‘Hallmark Channel’ has come to our rescue. A brand new pack of Holiday movies especially season greetings of Christmas shall be provided right before us in our living rooms. Following are 5 most important and must watch Hallmark Christmas movies that would help the crowd to escape the foiled attack of pandemic aura.

    1. Christmas With the Darlings

    It is is a new Hallmark holiday movie starring Katrina Law and Carlo Marks. Katrina Law (Arrow) stars as Jessica, an executive assistant at a very vague Big Firm who’s about to transition into a new gig as a corporate lawyer at said Big Firm. There’s just one big hiccup: the CEO’s recently orphaned nieces and nephew are moving back to America under the guardianship of Uncle CEO Darlington and Uncle Slacker Darlington (Max, played by Chesapeake Shores‘ Carlo Marks). But with Uncle CEO away on business and Uncle Slacker definitely not up to the task, the kids’ll have to spend Christmas at a boarding school. If you think Jessica is going to let that happen, then you don’t know Hallmark Christmas movies. She’s gonna give these tiny expats the most New England-y Christmas of all time—and she’s gonna get some surprise help from Max Darlington, who may not be such a slouch after all.

    Christmas With the Darlings
    Christmas With the Darlings

    2. Jingle Bell Bride

    The movie originally aired on October 24 on Hallmark Channel, starring Julie Gonzalo and Ronnie Rowe, Jr. Rowe is new to Hallmark but I suspect a lot of people already knew who he was from his stint as Lt. Bryce on “Star Trek: Discovery” since it began in 2017. “Jingle Bell Bride” was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, while the wedding at the end of the movie was filmed at Holy Rosary Cathedral. As far as the plot is concerned, Wedding planner Jessica Perez (Gonzalo) travels to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client and is charmed by the small town during Christmas, as well as Matt, the handsome local helping her (Rowe).

    Jingle Bell Bride poster
    Jingle Bell Bride poster

    3. Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

    Maggie (Ashley Williams) is a single mom prepping for her first ever Christmas alone since her daughter is spending the holidays with her father. She’ll be able to keep her mind occupied, she thinks, since she’s going to once again volunteer at the military base and help bring some Christmas cheer to kids who have a parent serving overseas. And then she meets Lucas (Niall Matter), a stranger in a gaudy Christmas sweater—who she accidentally slams a Christmas tree into and sends to the hospital! To make it up to Lucas, who just so happens to be a hunky architect from New York City, Maggie offers to let him recuperate in her guest house/art studio. Will close proximity to Maggie’s Christmas cheer and a military base full of kids in need of a helping hand help Lucas shift out of grinch mode? And most importantly—will he fall in love with the woman who accidentally clobbered him?

    Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater
    Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

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    4. The Christmas Ring

    Starring Nazneen Contractor and David Alpay, the movie deals with the life of a reporter who searches for the love story behind an antique engagement ring. With the help of the ring’s owner’s grandson, they learn the legacy his grandparent’s left behind.

    5. A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love

    Life has a funny way of bringing people together, and definitely reassuring them that it was fate. Such is the case for Pat and Margie, who were high school sweethearts that split up when they pursued different things. Pat returns to his hometown in Idaho after fifteen years away, divorced and with his two sons, and happens to run into Margie, now a successful career woman. The two run into each other again and again in a series of coincidences (also known as Godwinks), and get a second chance at love, even when a new career opportunity sends Pat to Seattle, Margie just happens to be transferred for her work at the same time. Based on a true story, the movie will warm audience’s hearts and bring on the Christmas cheer!

    6. Christmas in Vienna

    Christmas in Vienna Poster
    Christmas in Vienna Poster

    Right from the day of its release, the movie ‘Christmas in Vienna’ had created a hue and cry. ‘Christmas in Vienna’, filmed at St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a festive love story about concert violinist Jess (Sarah Drew) and American diplomat Mark (Brennan Elliott). After Jess is invited to perform at the Vienna Music Hall’s prestigious Christmas Eve concert, she travels to Vienna two weeks early to visit her friend Tori, who is cousins with Mark and is a nanny to his children. Jess forms a special bond with Mark’s children when she agrees to watch them so Tori can sell crafts at the Christmas market, but she also forms a lasting connection with Mark.

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose is a Post Graduate in English language and literature. She is a voracious reader, logophilic, a wordsmith and an ardent lover of verbal creation.

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