Ciara and Her 3 Kids came with something special to cheer Russell Wilson: Know What!

With the epidemic curve widening and escalating day by day, the restrictions are getting increasingly imposed in a neck breaking speed. To face life with such boundaries and curtailments, one must require fortitude in abundance. Recently, this is exactly what Russell Wilson had to do, a cutback from his games COVID-19, indeed a challenging one.

Ciara and Russel Wilson have always been cherished as a heavenly match which each and every couple in the society are looking up to. With their mutual respects and concerns, they have already proven that they’re total #relationshipsgoals. Now there is something else which proves them to be a perfect match forever.

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After a lengthy pause, Russell Wilson is preparing to take the field and lead his team at the quarterback position, but unfortunately, his family is not allowed to be present at the game presumably due to COVID-19 restrictions. But this doesn’t deter his beloved wife and kids from cheering him. They had something special for him, a loving surprise filled with inspiration and geniality.

This loving cheer came from Ciara through her recent Instagram post. She shared some photos on Instagram, saying, “We’re so proud of you @DangeRussWilson! Wish we could be at the stadium cheering you on today! Go Baby! Go Daddy!”

Russell Wilson received a sweetest cheer from his family.

Ciara and Her 3 Kids came with something special to cheer Russell Wilson
Ciara and Her 3 Kids came with something special to cheer Russell Wilson

The written post was also accompanied by a series of snapshots.Proving that the whole fam was ready for the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff game on Saturday, Ciara and her kids suited up in matching varsity jackets in Seahawks colors and emblazoned with a W. Luckily, the proud wife that Ciara is, she shared a snap of the adorable family on Instagram — and yes, it’s as the sweetest visual cheer ever.

Ciara looked undoubtedly stunning in her matching outfits with her kids. Mommy and the kids all have custom made letterman jackets featuring daddy’s number #3 on the arms. The best part, her son with rapper Future, is even sporting a cool pair of shades!

A lovey-dovey cheer from home full of love and warmth. Indeed one of a kind!

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