‘Cobra Kai Season 3’ is out now: Will there be a ‘Cobra Kai Season 4’?

After the successful release of a pair of seasons, ‘Cobra Kai’ is soaring heights with ‘Cobra Kai Season 3’, which recently premiered on January 1st 2021, via Netflix. Being one of the most watched series, with a powerful blend of action and drama, ‘Cobra Kai’ has won many hearts with the fun packed three long seasons of adventure and scuffles.

As far as ‘Cobra Kai Season 3’ is concerned, as expected, the transfer of Cobra Kai from YouTube to Netflix has brought the show millions of new fans. It kicks up the nostalgia factor of Karate Kid into an even higher gear while remaining every bit as soapy, playful and disarmingly funny. “The Karate Kid” might be 36 years old, but this series offers a battle plan for other revivals to study.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Poster
Cobra Kai Season 4 Poster

Continuing to add layers to the existing “Karate Kid” mythology (for lack of a better word), the show builds on the challenges faced by original characters Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), flaring out to encompass the next-generation teens grappling with their own high-school troubles. The new season also explores a backstory for the villainous Kreese (Martin Kove), while liberally drawing from the original movies with a level of tender loving care that, frankly, makes them seem a lot better than they were. Indeed, the whole thing is presented with a sense of reverence normally reserved for franchises with “Star” in the title.

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‘Cobra Kai Season 4’: Release date is out now!

Once ‘Cobra Season 3’ got released via Netflix ‘Cobra Kai’ fans are on tenterhooks to know more about ‘Cobra Kai Season 4’. Well, here’s the answer!

Cobra Kai Season 4
Cobra Kai Season 4

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce a Cobra Kai Season 4 release date. Co-creator Jon Hurwitz tweeted that October 23, 2020 was “the final day of the Season 4 writers room.”

Hurwitz has stated that the plan is to start filming the fourth season in early 2021, but, obviously, the production schedule could change due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Our best guess? We expect Season 4 to premiere around the same time as Season 3. Look for the fourth season of Cobra Kai to debut in late 2021 or early 2022 on Netflix.

Let’s put our fingers crossed and wait for more updates!

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