Cobra Kai Is #1 On Netflix Today

Cobra Kai is an American action comedy-drama web television series, presented in an episodic storytelling format, and based on The Karate Kid film series. An uncompromised Class act!! The acting is top along with a top script and everything about it just excels.

Cobra Kai Is Action comedy-drama based On The Karate Kid Film Series: Watch the Trailer Here

The character development is spot something similar to good anime where they get you to feel for the characters. Everyone has a backstory, you can feel the differences between each other. The script is simple yet refreshing. Wouldn’t say it keeps you guessing you can probably tell what will happen but it keeps you entertained well-crafted masterpiece.

“Seriously can’t remember watching a better show than Cobra Kai. The music is good keeps to the nostalgic feeling that you can’t beat.” a fan commented

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The dialogues of Cobra Kai could have easily inclined to become cheesy but they kept it real. It attempts to explore and develop backgrounds of individual characters (depicting their teenage insecurities, losses and the constant struggle to overcome problems and maybe even to discover love). However, the name may remind you of the infamous Dojo (karate school) from The Karate Kid Film Series. It isn’t the same 34 years later (in 2018) despite the Badass Sensei it has in the form of Johnny Lawrence who has become sensible and less egoistic after his defeat at the hands of Daniel Larusso.

Cobra Kai Season 4
Cobra Kai Season 4

While Lawrence’s personal life takes a downside, Larusso becomes rich and has a happy family. Lawrence silently repents his defeat and lives a messed up, low-esteem life owing largely to his inability to move on from his personal and professional problems. A dejected Lawrence comes to the aid of Miguel, his next-door neighbour’s kid, who is bullied by his schoolmates. The constant requests by Miguel to teach him Karate is fueled by the hatred Lawrence has for Larusso and his success.

This leads to the revival of Cobra Kai. Larusso experiences a traumatic flashback as a result of this and renews his enmity with Lawrence. the plot is not just stereotypically centred upon old-school rivalries but takes cognizance of the stories of the young characters.

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