“Cold Beer Calling My Name,” the new music video by Luke Combs and Jameson Rodgers has made an iconic entry!

Luke Combs has officially released his new music video “Cold Beer Calling My Name”! The brand new country music, which is both a treat to our eyes as well ears came out to be available to his fans a couple of hours ago.

Watch the full video song below.

Recently, the country music star Luke Combs took to his Instagram account to announce the release of his new music video titled “Cold Beer Calling My Name”!

“Got together with the boys for the “Cold Beer Calling My Name” music video and it’s out now! Hope y’all like it!!Link to watch is in my bio,” posted the singer.

Along with this the singer also posted a video snippet from his new video.

“Cold Beer Calling My Name” by Luke Combs and Jameson Rodgers made the fans ecstatic!

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Starring the two country singers Luke Collins and Jameson Rodgers as beer truck delivery drivers. The clip opens with Rodgers getting a final warning about taking his duties more seriously or getting fired before he takes off in an 18-wheeler full of beer to make his delivery rounds for the day, with Combs along as his sidekick.

Luke Combs
Luke Combs

After a relatively dull, routine day, things look up considerably as they get to the end of their shift, when a friend calls to ask if they can come hang with the boys and bring along some beer.

Being one of the most jovial videos ever, the music as well as the visuals were well received by his fans.

Preceding this music video, Luke Comb’s recent album ”Forever After All,” a celebration of true love is also atop the list of favorites even today.

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