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    A New Comic Series “Avatar: The Shadow” is Coming in January 2021

    Soon before the release of Avatar 2, Avatar is giving away a surprise to its fans. A new comic series based in the story after the events of the first movie ‘Avatar’ released in 2009.

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    The movie franchise announced the news of the coming of the comic series through its official Instagram and Twitter pages. They wrote “Exciting news, Na’vi Nation! A new comic series, Avatar: The Next Shadow, is coming. Set just after the events of Avatar, the story continues as Jake Sully finds himself ill-equipped to defuse the internal conflicts threatening to tear the Omatikaya apart. Coming January 2021.”

    Based on the tweet and the post, the upcoming comic series “Avatar: The Shadow” will be the continuation of the events that happened in its prequel movie Avatar. The movie ends with a great battle between the ‘Na’vi (Omatikaya) people and the humans who invaded the planet to obtain valuable minerals for commercial purposes.

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    With Jake Sully (a human spy who later turns to the side of the natives) the Na’vi people gain victory over the human invaders.

    A New Comic Series Avatar The Shadow is Coming in January 2021
    A New Comic Series Avatar The Shadow is Coming in January 2021

    The upcoming comic series will tell the story of Jake Sully who finds himself ill-equipped to defuse the internal conflicts. The announcement has been a surprise to the Avatar movie fans who are long awaiting the release of the second part of the movie.

    Sajjadh Muhammed
    Sajjadh Muhammed
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