“Connecting” by Shakina Nayfack: A trump card for the Trans!

With the novel quarantine sitcom ‘Connecting’, Shakina Nayfack comes up with a new lease of hope for the trans future. Being the first transgender woman to star in a network primetime sitcom, Miss Nayfack has carved out her own path to success. The new comedy series ‘Connecting’ serves as a ray of relief in this pandemic-stricken era.

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The series is about human bonding and its unfathomable relevance in a society that is moving in a neck breaking speed. The show deals with a group of friends in different locations, struggling to reconnect each other in the ongoing pandemic season.

Shakina Nayfack, best known for essaying the role of Lola, a ‘trans-truther’ in the second season and third season of the Hulu show ‘Difficult People’ plays the role of Ellis. Her co actors include Preacher Lawson, Otmara Marrero, Keith Powell, Parvesh Cheena, Ely Henry and Jill Knox.

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Premiered in NBC, the sitcom set in the backdrop of Covid -19, got tag lined as the path breaking venture as far as the lives of Transgenders are concerned. As the name suggests the show not only tries to connect the distant but also attempts arduously to affix the dichotomies in the society.

“Connecting” by Shakina Nayfack

Connecting by Shakina Nayfack
Connecting by Shakina Nayfack

As Shakina Nayfact puts it, “I think we have a unique opportunity to introduce the world to a new trans for whom many people will be their first experience getting to know a trans woman” -thus the series becomes a revolutionary milestone in the history of subalterns. Also, the social distancing comedy that it offered to the audience is worth mentioning. The stealing scenes and acting versatility of the cast catapulted the show to new heights.

Debuted in October, the series garnered an escalated positive response from the audience. The show is deemed a gem in making Trans history on Network TV.

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