CoronaVirus patients dropped to zero in Wuhan

All CoronaVirus patients have discharged from hospitals in Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak in China late last year, Chinese officials said Sunday. The contagion spread to the rest of the world. Most of the globe is currently on lock down to contain the COVID pandemic. The novel coronavirus believed to have originated in a wet seafood and meat market in Wuhan before spreading across China and then globally.

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Early cases of COVID-19 discovered among Wuhan residents in December. Wuhan, however, recorded 20 new silent carriers of the virus on Friday, with 535 suspected patients under medical observation. The city of around 11 million people was put under a total lock down for 76 days starting January 23 but still saw the highest number of cases and fatalities in China.

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According to the Chinese government’s revised estimates released earlier this month, the total confirmed infections in the city were 50,333. At the same time, there were 1290 more deaths, pushing the total number of fatalities to 3,869. No deaths nor suspected cases were reported Saturday on the mainland. The health authorities are also focusing on Beijing, which now has the only high-risk zone for Covid-19 in the country. On Sunday, the Beijing government made public new regulations aimed at better general hygiene, banning the “uncivilized behavior of citizens.”


Local municipal authority said as of April 16, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wuhan was increased by 325 to 50,333 and the number of fatalities up by 1,290 to 3,869. The revised figure raised China’s overall COVID-19 death toll to 4,632. The total number of cases as of Thursday stood at 82,692. Chinese Foreign Ministry officials said the revision was due to some late reports, omissions and inaccurate information in the initial stages.

The World Health Organization warned Saturday there is “no evidence” that recovered COVID-19 patients with antibodies are immune to second coronavirus infection. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in China’s Wuhan, where the virus first emerged before turning out to be a pandemic, on Sunday dropped to zero for the first time, marking yet another milestone for the city, which opened up on April 8 after a 76-day lock down.

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