Coronavirus Vaccine: All eyes on Moderna

The renowned pharmaceutical Company, Moderna has come up with a sequence of phases to confront the novel coronavirus. The Company, along with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases, produced the vaccine by fixing the pattern of mRNA-1273.

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Moderna CMO revealed that they are under the work of phase three in which more vaccines can be distributed to the public and assessed for safety. Even though phase one was developed in January, the National Institutes of Health decided to pause the step.

Of late, Trump expressed his hope for getting the dream about the vaccine come true this year. Now when Moderna is spreading the rumors about the vaccine manufacturing all are eagerly waiting for it

The ongoing phase one study takes 63 days to estimate the immunogenicity of mRNA-1273; therefore, the Company is researching on the other two phases efficiently. Two drug producers had already begun the supply of vaccine doses to the public for initial human testing.

Coronavirus Vaccine
Coronavirus Vaccine

Moderna has made the best headway in producing a vaccine against COVID-19. However, a team of Italian researchers claims that they had developed the first coronavirus vaccine, which they tested on mice. No vaccine is assumed to be supplied in this entirety of the year till now.

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