COVID-19 Infodemic (Online Scams): FraudWatch International Takes The Initiative to “Turn The Tide”

MELBOURNE, Australia: FraudWatch International a leader in online brand and anti-phishing industry targets on the pandemic of fake news surrounding the coronavirus online scam, to protect the internet users.

Be Alert: Watch More about thee Possible COVID-19 Scams

Taking advantage of fear and panic among people cybercriminals are utilizing the situations by certain criminal activities, by using covid- 19 as the theme to lure victims into opening malicious attachments and into sharing information on credit, debit cards.
FraudWatch International is taking proprietary methods for the possible covid-19 scams.

Of late, the Nation has been strenuously striving hard to beat off the pandemic through various inventive measures. Recently, the University of Florida and Associates introduced 3D Printed Nasal Swab to test Covid-19, which was well received due to its positive outcomes.

During this hard times, the scams piling up, augmenting anxiety in the common man has to be avoided. With respect to this, FraudWatch International Founder and CEO, Mr Trent Youl stated “It is not acceptable for criminals to be exploiting consumers in our current global environment using COVID-19. We have the tools to monitor the malware attack and to alert the people as soon as any criminal act detected. It’s our social responsibility to protect the global community as a whole and to make a positive impact on the world in uncertain times.”

Trend Youl FraudWatch International
Trend Youl, FraudWatch International

Types of Scams detected by Fraud Watch related to covid-19:

Phishing: Real-time email alerts for covid-19 containing malware link and attachments.
Phishing websites: Thousands of new domains containing coronavirus or covid19 have been registered and used maliciously.

Expose fake news: To spread false information on the pandemic to create panic among people. In many cases, the fraudsters are pretending to work for official organizations, such as the WHO, the CDC.

Malicious Mobile Apps: Several malicious apps are uploaded to take devious attempt to show it as coronavirus related, such as a map navigating where infected people are.

As a part of the initiative, Fraud watches International will monitor the malicious activities using covid-19 and alerting the people from getting scammed.

And also by providing a list of fraudulent domains used for malware attacks via real-time API access to use on block lists, so other security companies and ISP can stop these malicious domains reaching the consumers until it’s taken down.

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