COVID-19; US Death Tolls Surges

The leading model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington predicts that the death toll of Americans will reach more than 137,000 before late August. This predicament is due to the roaming around of ordinary people during the pandemic.

States began to loosen the restrictions along with the governors in South Carolina and Georgia, before getting proper control over the deadly virus. The guidelines provided by the government are not appropriately followed by the public, which resulted in the upward trend of predicted death tolls.

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“Unless and until we see accelerated testing, contact tracing, isolating people who test positive, and widespread use of masks in public, there is a significant likelihood of new infections,” IHME Director Murray said in the release.

The recent reports states that nearly 1 million deaths in the United States has occurred due to COVID-19, which indeed threw people on street, protesting against the crisis.

Thousands of people protested in the nation, demanding they need to go to work amidst this crucial scene. Some of them raised their concern about the early re-opening of the cities. Despite the warnings given by the public officials, states relaxed the restrictions and the result of which came within weeks.

wuhan coronavirus dropped zero
wuhan coronavirus dropped zero

Another challenge faced by the nation is a strange disease among the children of Newyork. Reportedly there exist 85 cases, mostly toddlers and school-aged children. Similar cases are reported in both Italy and Spain. Scientists believe there exists a link between coronavirus and this unfound disease.

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