CrowdFlik® In-App Video Solution Ready for Beta Test

WESTPORT: The advanced mobile video technology company CrowdFlik® announced its in-app enterprise solution for app developers and content platforms. This In-App Video Solution provides a fan-centric collaborative mobile content experience. It helps to connect fans-to-brands.

“CrowdFlik is revolutionizing the connection between brands and fans by making video collaboration easy and fun for consumers who want to create and share their experience,”

Chris Hamer, CrowdFlik’s CEO

Watch: What is CrowdFlik

CrowdFlik conceived as a consumer-level app where fans could easily crowd-sourced videos. They saw the magnitude of this opportunity in consumer video early and Obtained 13 patents Globally by securing as a first-mover.

“With today’s announcement, we are opening the door for brands to incorporate our patented collaborative platform into their tech stack to create unique branded engagement initiatives with their fans while opening new and ongoing revenue opportunities. it’s truly a turnkey engagement-meets-revenue play.”

Chris Hamer, CrowdFlik’s CEO

“This is a big opportunity for brands worldwide as they can now execute the integrated fan-video strategy they’ve been seeking.”

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Hammer Continued,

“We pioneered this space, and with years of user testing and fine-tuning, our robust in-app enterprise-grade video management platform offers an incredible array of new engagement and revenue opportunities for everyone in the event-based mobile content space.”


According to Chriss Hammer,
“Content is king, and our customers in the entertainment, sports, and lifestyle arenas are excited to integrate our complete in-app video solution to enhance their fans’ experiences. There’s simply no other player who can seize this opportunity the way CrowdFlik can.”

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