Wedding coming in 5 Days, Cynthia Bailey shares her first Meeting with her Fiance

American model and actress Cynthia Bailey is to be wedded in 5 days to Fox Sports correspondent Mike Hill. They got engaged in July 2019. Cynthia shared her first time meeting Mike on 2018 April through Steve Harvey on his dating pool. Cynthia shared a video of the show of her first meeting with Mike. 

Watch: Cynthia Bailey shared how their relationship came to an engagement

Cynthia Bailey wrote “5 more days. Some days I still can’t believe that in April 2018, I met my now fiancé @itsmikehill through my friend @iamsteveharveytv on his dating pool. honestly, I was initially reluctant to do the dating pool but was at a point in my life where for once, I just decided to not overthink everything, have fun, and go for it.

I had no real expectations but was excited to step outside my box & have a good time. let go & let God. funny enough Mike was also not initially sure about doing the dating pool either since he was doing “quite well” in the dating world before we met lol. Although he was reluctant, he was curious to meet me.

Fun fact: Mike actually wasn’t even one of the guys that the show was vetting to be in the dating pool, and ended up finding out about it through a friend of his that happened to be a producer on the show & mentioned it to him. Similar to my attitude, he decided to also not overthink it, have fun, and see what happened.

Another fun fact: we both had said publicly numerous times that we would never get married again lol. so much for that. never say never!

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Anyway, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would meet & fall in love with my best friend. Remember: Stay positive, have faith, and live your life to the fullest. You never know where God is going to show up.”

Cynthia Bailey shares her first Meeting with her Fiance
Cynthia Bailey shares her first Meeting with her Fiance

Cynthia Bailey started her Modeling career at age of 18 after she moved to New York City. Bailey married Peter Thomas on July 24, 2010, and got separated in 2016.

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