David Bautista is the New Marcus Fenix of Xbox’s ‘Gears of War’

Microsoft Xbox has released a new trailer of Gears of War, showing David Bautista as Marcus Fenix in Gears 5. There was an announcement earlier this week that the actor will appear as part of a new update in the game. John DiMaggio, the current voice actor for the character Marcus Fenix, will not be replaced by David Bautista, but his voice and appearances will be a new option in the game for players to choose.

Watch the official trailer here

Some footages of the new update is shown in the new trailer video as Bautista recording lines for the game. The new video was posted online through the official Twitter account of Gears of War. 

David Bautista is the new Marcus Fenix of ‘Gears of War’

The new update of the game is set to release on November 10, and along with already fans of the game, David Bautista’s fans are awaiting the release of the new update. The update is coming along with the launch of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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David Bautista’s role in the Guardians of the Galaxy has made him a good amount of fans and it is clear reading the comments of the new update about the game. Though many are excited about the new update, many others are against it and they say the old voice is what they prefer more.

David Bautista is the New Marcus Fenix of Xbox’s ‘Gears of War’
David Bautista is the New Marcus Fenix of Xbox’s ‘Gears of War’

One of the game players commented “I have nothing against Batista or anything he’s done, and I definitely don’t blame him for wanting to be the infamous Marcus Fenix cause who are we kidding, he’s a badass! When it comes to Gears of War (5 in particular) I’m sorry but I’m ashamed of The Coalition for re-casting Marcus and don’t support this decision at all.  It’s no secret to anyone who’s been with the franchise since the beginning that this game is suffering in many ways, and this just adds to it. I mean the game’s only been out a year and instead of making sure that what needs to be done to the game to make it better actually gets done, they go and waste resources and time with something so unimportant as re-casting the original main character from the franchise with someone who’s never even been featured until now. Or anyone at all for that matter.”

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