Demi Lovato Encouraging Mental Care With Talk Space

During the pandemic, the most stressful thing is the proper care of mental health. The rate of suicides shot up to 200%  in less than 6 months across the world. The lockdown, Demi Lovato in collaboration with talk space posted on Instagram about mental health care support. 

Demi Lovato Message For Taking Care Of Mental Health: Watch her Speaking

“So so so excited for you to see what I’m working on with @talkspace 👀💗😝 it’s something that’s extremely close to my heart… I encourage all of you to take care of your mental health as it’s so important to be in tune and check in on yourself! Talkspace makes it super easy to connect with a licensed therapist right from your phone 💗 I’m so proud to announce that they are offering $120 off your first month of online therapy when you use code DEMI120 and visit” she shared on Instagram today.

Recently Harvard medical practitioner Dr John Sharp in his journal in Harvard medical publishing on psychiatry concluded by this,

“We are wired for fight or flight. But as a colleague of mine noted, the present situation does not require either of these. If you’re a human who’s been challenged or somewhat disabled, by anxiety in the past, I encourage you now to draw upon what you’ve learned in terms of how you can manage successfully.

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Separating feelings from the past, reminding yourself that you have the strength and ability in the present to prevail, seeing a path forward for yourself and setting yourself upon that path is the way forward. If along with that way you should stumble and fall, picture yourself as able to pick yourself back up and carry on. Reassure yourself that the necessary provisions for your safety and well-being are within your power to meet”

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

The pandemic taught us a lot. From cooperating to the necessity of obeying the law. Taking care of mental health becomes the priority. During these crucial days. On analyzing the present social conditions, these are a few things the society came along with isolation and quarantine. When the whole nature chooses to play against us, we are still hoping for our fast recovery. To achieve that, we have to be alert and prepared to face the future with COVID 19. 

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