Demon Slayer Movie On The Road To Become The Best In The Anime World

Is Demon Slayer Movie Better Than The Series

According to every anime rating websites and the social media groups exclusively made for the anime Demon slayer movie always tops the list. Demon Slayer the movie is a must-watch, best anime movie of the decade become the slogan of the movie so far. ? Well, if you are a fan of demon slayer, then yes, this is definitely a must-watch. 

Whatever you have loved about the Demon Slayer are featured prominently in this movie. The animation art is spectacular (one wouldn’t expect any less from Ufotable); the music is spectacular; the battle scenes are mind-blowing (you get not just one epic fight, but TWO!?’); and all your beloved characters from the series are all in it and doing what they do best, which is slaying demons… whether it’s Tanjirou tugging at our heartstrings, or Zenistsu being all cool while sleeping, or Nezuko being all cute and stuff, or Inosuke being Inosuke, this movie delivers it to the fans.

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But is it the best anime movie ever? Let’s just put it this way, this movie really felt more like a 2-hour long episode of Demon Slayer, rather than a cinematic movie. It just lacks the cinematic scope of other anime movies. But does it make it a bad movie? Hell, no. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable movie… the cinema audiences with was super reactive to every single moment of the movie. For the fans would say, We laughed, we were kept at the edge of our seats, we cried (a lot), and then when the lights came on, you could see all the satisfied smiles on all our faces. But if you have yet to watch Demon Slayer, you might not really appreciate it… because this movie doesn’t do much explaining and it really requires that you know a lot about what has happened prior to the movie. Plot twists here and there but not too convoluted. An overall perfect treat for your eyes….!

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