Demon Slayer Season 2 Dates Are Out Now

Demon Slayer Season 2 Unofficial Release Dates On South Asian Countries

Additional Information on Demon Slayer Movie:

Demon slayer season 2 is a very highly anticipated season, Even though Season 2 has not been officially announced yet, An unofficial source (SpyTrue) is claiming that the production for the 2nd season has already started. And if that is true, then there is a big possibility of its releasing either in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021! (But nothing is officially confirmed yet)

 The International Release Dates for the Movie – 

 Singapore (Nov 19, 2020)

 Vietnam (Jan 2021)

 Brunel (Feb 4, 2021)

 Myanmar (Feb 4, 2021)

 Philippines (Feb 2021)

 Indonesia (Feb 2021)

 Malaysia (Feb 4, 2021)

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Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado

Demon slayer  is Obviously breathtaking at each and every part of the movie . it is a masterpiece studio Ufotable takes it to another level with the 3D like animations and twist filled scenes that give a tingling sensation to your body. On every popular opinoins these kind of animations are redefining the anime movie culture and  recommend it to every otakus out there you wont regret it. 

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma

When the season two is on the door step, newbies should start doing some homework on the previous season .It is a continuity of the anime drama, Demon slayer season 1 and was really great to see what they wants in their dreams.  When season two is coming. 

Excellence is a word that has been defined, but this movie decided to become a visual representation of the word excellence.

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